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I used to say things, sometimes, out of habit and I wondered why I was feeling discouraged, defeated, and resistant. And then I heard what I was saying, and I wondered what I was thinking to say such things. And then I heard what I was thinking: Who me? I could never do that, or be that, or have that. Not me. I’m not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough. I can’t be that bold… that persevering. And then I realized where my confidence comes from… in God, I am capable… in God, I am beautiful… in God, I am strong, in God I can…
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13
My Dear Sisters and Brothers in the LORD,
We need to remember who we are, in God, not according to our seemingly small understanding of who we may “think” we are, but through the eyes and heart of our Creator, our Father in heaven, through His Son, Yeshua, the Mashiach, (Hebrew name for Jesus Christ.)
My thoughts have deceived me over the years. I know what “insignificant” feels like, and I know what it is to be a child of the Most High God.  It is with this awareness that I share my thoughts with you in the form of poems, stories, devotionals, prayers, and reflections of everyday life.
I write to glorify the LORD, knowing, that as God is glorified, we are all blessed, lifted up, encouraged. We all need to be encouraged, including me.
I pray that my work touches your heart deeply, reminding you who you are in the Most High God, through His Glorious Son, Yeshua.
God bless you…
Fanny  🙂


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